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MBA Program Highlight: Yale SOM

We just attended Yale School of Management’s admissions webinar. If you are looking for a top business program with a well-grounded academic approach, strong global connections, and inclusive & supportive learning environment, you might want to check out some of these key aspects that differentiate Yale SOM:

     - Unique academic experience: Yale SOM’s “Integrated Curriculum” encourages students to learn the fundamentals of business as well as the context in which organizations and systems are running, including larger questions about business’s impact on society. The curriculum includes “raw” case studies and unlimited elective choice throughout Yale University.
    - Tech-embedded classrooms: The new Edward P. Evans Hall is an integrated building for SOM students that provides enhanced academic experience with technology-embedded classrooms and a increased sense of community.
    - Wide range of career exploration opportunities: 75% of students who enroll end up doing something else different than what they intended in the beginning. (Tip: Applicants’ career history does not affect admissions decision.)
    - “Sliding scale application fee” in the admissions process allows adjustment in application fee depending on the applicant’s annual compensation. This is to take into account that many applicants come from countries or career fields where compensation levels may vary.
    - International-friendly admissions process: International students are required to submit English ability test scores (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS). Moreover, over 40% of the student body are international.

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