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Interview with Libby Livingston Senior Director of MBA Admissions at Goizueta

Admit.me Expert Staff

Admit.me sits down with Libby Livingston, the Senior Director of MBA Admissions at Emory University's Goizueta School of Business to discuss the Goizueta experience and how to optimize your admissions chances. Libby goes over a number of topics in the interview:

  • How to engage with Goizueta's community
  • Who is a good fit for Goizueta 
  • The importance of being fully engaged with the community 
  • What is Goizueta looking for in a candidate 
  • Deciding between the One-Year and Two-Year MBA program
  • How applicants can demonstrate their fit throughout the application process

MBA Two-Year MBA Goizueta One-Year MBA Emory University Emory Libby Livingston

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