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Applying this Fall? 6 Tips to Get You Ahead of the Game

Okay, future college applicants. We are over a month into the New Year and most of us have fallen off the wagon in terms of our New Year’s resolutions. We’re still getting to bed too late, and we still can’t find our new workout clothes underneath those pizza boxes.

So what? Nobody follows those resolutions anyway!

But, if there is one place where you should follow through and get an early start: it’s with your college planning.   

While you can start running those miles this summer after realizing your swimsuit is a little too tight, if you want to be most competitive for the fall, there are a few things you should start early. Like now…

I can’t push the cake away from you (and wouldn’t dare – you deserve it), but here are a few things I will push towards you to start if you’re applying to college this fall.  

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