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What is is a free, tools-based social network with a purpose (if you haven't figured out from our name) to help you get admitted into school. We created an environment where you can interact with other applicants and utilize tools to help you through the admissions process.

What kind of tools do you offer?

Online profile (resume) to display your background and allow peers, experts, schools, and other key partners to connect with you

Online calendar to keep track of the admissions milestones

Document repository to store the latest and greatest application documents

Contact list to keep track of your most important admissions connections

Discussion board to get the latest information about schools and interact with others

Why did you create the company?'s purpose is to ensure that sound admissions advice and support is available for every single candidate regardless of location, status, or finances. . will allow anyone with an internet connection to get real insight into the admissions process.

Why should I sign-up for

Why not? Not only is “everyone” doing it, it is also a free tool with the latest information and access to experts, schools, and fellow applicants all in one place. Can you say no-brainer?

Who started the company?

The founders of Admit Advantage, a leading admissions consulting company, started Scholarship alumni of schools like Harvard, Brown, and Wharton, they would not have received such education without support along the way — this is our way of giving back. Click here to see their bios.

Assistance with

I forgot my password — how do I retrieve it?

It happens to us all the time. Go to the Login Page — there is a convenient “Forgot Password” link that will help you out.

Home Page

Why can't I see announcements from my friends?

You can only see announcements from people who are in your contact list. Add your friends as a contact to stay updated on their announcements.

How do I know if I have announcements that I haven't viewed?

The announcements icon below the logo on the top left tells you if you have any new announcements. It will highlight the number of announcements in orange indicating time to check out the home page!

Who sees the announcements I make to my contacts?

All of your contacts and the contacts of the person you send the announcement to can see your comments.

What if I want to send a message to someone privately?

The best way to do that is to add them to your contacts list and send them a private message from your Inbox. However, don't keep all the good information from the community — feel free to share!

Profile Page

How do I add to my profile?

When you first start, we recommend adding information via the wizard. To get to the wizard, click on “Add your profile” in the top right section. You can add to each individual section by clicking on the ‘+’ icon corresponding to each section.

How do I edit my profile?

Go to the specific line item that you want to edit and click the edit icon to change the entry (pencil). If you want to delete the entry altogether, click on the ‘x’ icon next to the entry. Just the way you're used to!

How much information do I need to add?

As much as you can. The most important would be your target schools (they drive your calendar), education, and work experience. The more you add, the more connections you're likely to make and the greater chance you will have of connecting with a school, scholarship, or employer. Additionally, you will be able to find out about our offerings related to your specific needs and interests.

What if I'm not sure about an answer for my profile?

Do your best to fill out what you know. It's better to take an educated guess than leave it blank. You can always change it later.

What if I don't want to share my test scores?

Not a problem. You can click the “Do not display” checkbox next to your test score and we will not post your score information.

Do I need to add a profile photo?

No, but it helps. People tend to feel a connection when there is a picture. If you're not very good looking — it's OK, neither are the founders and a lot of other members too.

I don't see my school in the dropdown list — why not?

We're sure your school is wonderful, but somehow it didn't make the list for the initial cut. Go ahead and type the name in and we will eventually add it to our master list. We will be going over the additions and adding them to the dropdown list on a regular basis.

Discussions Page

What are the rules for posting?

See FAQ topic “Posting Rules”

How do I follow a discussion?

If you like a discussion and want to follow it, simply go to the discussion section and click “Follow Discussion”

What if I want to discuss a topic not covered?

We can't cover every topic area, but we're happy to create new discussion areas based on user need. Just email us at, put “New Discussion Idea” in the subject, offer your idea, and we'll take it from there! For now, please post in the most appropriate discussion board.

How do I search for relevant discussion topics?

There is search functionality on the discussion page where you can search for relevant keywords in an content or discussion. Choose the appropriate radio button for “Content” or “Discussion” and have at it in the search field. If you can't find it, start the discussion!

Contacts Page

How do I add a contact?

Just click on “Invite people” and type in their email. You can also click on the name of a person that is not in your contact list and click “Invite Contact” from their profile page. The user has to accept your invitation in order to have them added to your contact list, so be nice to them!

Can I upload my contacts from Outlook, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook?

Not yet, but stay tuned.

How do I know if someone is trying to connect with me?

You will see an update in your Contact Requests icon on the top left under the icon. It will highlight the number of people looking to connect with you so you can accept the invitation on the Contacts page.

Calendar Page

Why don't I see anything in my calendar?

You must not have any target schools in your profile. Add at least one target school in your profile or you can add a school from the calendar page. See below.

How do I add a school or important milestone in the calendar?

You can add schools directly on the Calendar page by clicking “Add School” or go back to your profile and “Add Target Schools”. If you add a school on the Calendar page, it will automatically be added to your profile.

Can I synch or download this calendar to my mobile device, Outlook or Gmail?

Not yet, but in time.

Can I add a topic to my calendar that is not a school like a job interview process or scholarship process?

Certainly. The tool is flexible enough to add nearly anything. Just click “Add School” and enter the event that you want to track and go from there.

Documents Page

How do I add a document?

Make sure you have the correct school highlighted and click on “New Document” to add a document.

How do I revise an existing document?

Go to the document you want to revise and click “Add Revision” to upload the latest copy of the document. Note, the name should be the same as the existing document.

I mistakenly deleted a document — can I retrieve it?

Unfortunately, no. We asked you a few times if you're sure you wanted to delete — we meant it.

Is there a size limit?

Yes, for now. We will keep your storage capacity as high as possible depending on demand and will let you know once you reach the limit. In the near future, we will have a different solution!

Inbox Page

Why can't I email one of my friends?

Your friend has to be part of the network and be one of your contacts. Go ahead and invite your friends to join you on and invite them to be a contact! Once they accept, you’re in business and can email them directly!

Can I email someone outside of

No. The email system is for internal use only right now.

Can I link my email to my personal email?

You can get notifications about emails directly to your email account. Check your settings.

How do I know if I have received an email that I haven't yet seen?

You will see a highlighted icon on the top left corner indicating if you have any new announcement or email.

Expert Advice

How do I get feedback from experts?

On the profile page, you can request a free assessment from an admissions expert. In order to be eligible for the free assessment, you need to THOROUGHLY fill out your profile — the more information, the better! If we don't have enough information, we'll ask you to complete it in advance of the assessment.

Who are these experts and how knowledgeable are they?

Very. Our consultants have all graduated from top undergraduate and graduate programs like Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford, Oxford, Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, HKUST, etc., and have expertise in your specific area of interest. All have worked as admissions consultants with many serving on admissions committees and as alumni interviewers.

How do I get a discount with your partner, Admit Advantage?

Fill out your profile and you will be eligible for a discount using discount code 1906. No profile, no discount (my inner Bob Marley) — great apologies for that reference.

How do I get a 15% discount through your partner, Princeton Review?

Fill out your profile, email us at with your name, and click The Princeton Review logo on our site to receive the 15% Princeton Review discount.

Posting Rules

Someone made a comment that was inappropriate. How do I report it?

There is no place for that on Feel free to let us know by emailing and we will take appropriate action.

What are the posting rules for the site? We have only a few:

Have fun and help each other.

Don't make personal attacks.

Please use your best judgment to post topics and questions in the appropriate section. Do not advertise your business or solicit any members. We'd love to discuss working with you directly — just shoot us a note at and we can chat!


How do I get help with my candidacy and application itself?

You can use the link on the profile page to get a free assessment from an admissions expert. You can get more rigorous admissions help with an Admit Advantage consultant by emailing Admit Advantage or visiting them at Don't forget to fill out your profile first!

How do I search for something or someone?

Go to the home page for the search functionality for the entire platform. If you want to search for a specific contact, go to the Contacts page and search from the prompt on that page.

How do I change my settings?

Click on the icon at the top right of the page next to your name.

Have another question?

Contact us.